Teeth Whitening in Allen, Texas

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Brighter Teeth in just 20 minutes

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Would you like your teeth to be whiter?

Studies show that whiter teeth make you look younger. With our NUYU Teeth Whitening system, you can experience amazing results in one quick and simple treatment.

Almost everyone can enjoy the benefit of this safe and effective teeth whitening process if his or her teeth and gums are healthy. This complete cosmetic teeth whitening service is proven to provide visible results of a brighter smile without any downtime or sensitivity issues in a simple 20 minute procedure.

NUYU Professional Teeth Whitening

NUYU Professional Teeth Whitening is one of the fastest growing teeth whitening procedures in the industry. It is a quick, safe, effective, painless, and affordable teeth whitening system provided to dentists and medical spas worldwide.

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In just 30 minutes, tooth discoloration from years of staining foods, drinks, coffee, and tobacco products is eliminated—leaving a beautifully bright smile that is up to 14 shades lighter.

Teeth Whitening Before and After

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