Laser Hair Removal

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Do you have unwanted hair?

Laser hair removal is a quick and easy way to get rid of unwanted hair. The laser uses gentle beams of light that heat up the follicle, effectively damaging it so it will not produce more hair in future lectures or presentations at work! Plus you don't need much time off because this procedure takes less than 10 minutes per session; just 3-7 treatments are required until all traces have been removed completely from your skin.

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Laser Hair Removal in Allen, Texas

The reason why people with lighter complexions and darker hair have more effective results is because of our melanin. It absorbs different frequencies meaning we only absorb those energies used by these tools making them better-suited people with lighter skin tones and darker hair.

Laser hair removal is a great option for those looking to remove unwanted hair from their face or body. Women treat the chin area, bikini area, upper lip, and underarms. While men are able to treat beard dominance as well as other areas on both sides of the body, the back, abdomen, stomach chest, and shoulders.

Laser Removal Services Offered

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Entire Face

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Full Brazilian (For Women)

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Full Brazilian (For Men)

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Under Arms

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Lower Abdomen (Happy Trail)

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Neck (Anterior or Posterior)

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Lower Arms

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Full Arms

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Lower or Upper Legs

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Back (Upper or Lower)

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Entire Back

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